Release Notes for ASNA AVR Classic 5.0 Version: Release date: 2019-10-07

ASNA AVR Classic 5.1

Includes: Visual RPG 5.1.x Windows Deployment 5.1.x See AVR 5.0 for examples

Installation Notes

Important. Please Read: It is critical that you install all Microsoft updates before installing AVR 5.0 Classic.


AVR Classic 5.0 employs a different license key model than AVR 4.0 & AVR 4.1. The Upgrade Assistant will not complete without a valid, permanent 5.0 license. If you do not have a license for AVR 5.0, please call your ASNA representative. To use Upgrade Assistant, it must be installed on the same development machine as AVR 5.0. You must install AVR 11.0 or later to employ the Upgrade Assistant.

Note: Upgrade Assistant is not packaged with AVR Classic. It is packaged with Visual RPG for .NET 11.2. Be certain to stay current with the latest releases of Upgrade Assistant for the most recent fixes and features.

Use with DG 11.0

AVR 5.0 development and runtime environments require the use of the new set of DataGate 11.0 servers. This applies to all servers: DataGate for IBM i, DataGate for SQL Server and DataGate for Windows desktops and servers.

AVR 4.x and AVR 5.x can't coexist on the same box

Since AVR 4.x required Windows XP and earlier Windows Server versions and AVR 5.0 requires Windows 7/Server 2008 or newer, by definition the two versions of AVR cannot coexist on the same development machine. To create AVR 5.0, what was once a Microsoft C++ 6.0 project was converted into a Microsoft C++ 11.0 project. The early version of MS's C++ used some libraries that conflicted with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8--the real root of our problems supporting Windows 7/8 for AVR Classic. Further, there are DataGate client issues that also preclude the runtimes from coexisting.

Third-party controls

Our testing so far has been very encouraging with third-party controls. However, third-party controls do remain a potential concern with AVR 5.x. Their behavior is beyond our control so if they have issues with Win 7 or 8/Server 2008 or 2012, there isn't anything we can do about those controls. Customers using third-party controls will need to test their apps vigilantly. One of the sticky issues here is that the ActiveX vendor may be out of business. Mabry and Graphics Server are simply gone. Sheridan was bought by Component Source and they still sell the popular Sheridan ActiveThreed controls, but with a caveat on their Web page that says:

"Please note that this product is no longer supported by the publisher, so it is no longer eligible for product support or maintenance."

Graphics Server control

It has worked in our tests so far, but the AVR Classic graph control was licensed from Graphics Server and which is now out of business. It's quite likely that the graph control will continue to work with Windows 7 or 8 and the latest Windows Servers, but if it doesn't, you'll need to find a workable alternative.

Software Requirements

The following are required:

Windows 7, 8, or 10 Professional. Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, or 2012/2012R2.

NOTE: Windows Server 2008 is supported for deployment only. Deployment and development are both supported on all other listed OSs.

Changes Since Version:

Visual RPG Runtime