Release Notes for ASNA DataGate Studio Version: Release date: 2021-10-20

DataGate Studio (the replacement for ASNA DataGate Database Manager) is a utility that operates within ASNA DataGate, allowing you to manipulate objects in the DataGate database in a manner similar to Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System Database Edition, or SQL Management Studio. These objects include: libraries, file, and members. More information on DataGate Studio.

DataGate Studio 15.0 can be installed within the free Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Integrated Shell or in the Professional Edition of Visual Studio 2017® Version 15.3 and later.

Version 15.0 of DataGate for IBM i includes Secure Socket Layer integration, making secure implementations of DataGate Studio that much simpler. If both DataGate Client and DataGate Server 15.0 are installed, SSL will be used by default. (See DataGate SLL Integration.)

Installation Notes

DataGate Studio 15.0 is able to coexist with DataGate Studio 14.0, but not with prior versions. Support for parallel development in DataGate Studio 14.0 and 15.0 is limited to Windows 8 and newer environments.

DataGate Studio is included in several installation packages from ASNA, including:

If you have already installed any of these products you may not need to download and install this package of DataGate Studio 15.0.

Installing Microsoft's latest service packs, high priority and optional software updates for Windows, the .NET Framework, and Visual Studio 2017 is highly recommended.

Please be advised that DataGate Studio 15.0 requires Visual Studio 2017® Version 15.3 and later either the full version or the free Integrated Shell.

Caution: Ensure neither Visual Studio, its installation, nor any Visual Studio update is running at the time of DataGate Studio installation, as it may cause conflicts.

Warning - Do not uninstall Visual Studio 2017 without first uninstalling all ASNA Visual Studio plugins. Doing so can cause severe errors in your DataGate Studio installation.

Software Requirements

Additionally, the following is required:

Note If this software is downloaded via Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or 10 you may receive a message stating that this file "is not commonly downloaded" when attempting to install it. In this event click the View Downloads button, select the ASNA product to install from that list, and confirm that you'd like to install it.

Similarly, attempting to install the software directly through Microsoft Windows 8 may cause a "Windows protected your PC" message to appear. In this event click the small More Info prompt on the left, and click Run Anyway on the following window.

Changes Since Version:

Clients - DataGate

Clients - DataGate Controls

Clients - DataGate Explorer

Clients - DataGate Monitor

DataGate Server

DataGate Studio