Release Notes
ASNA Browser Terminal ®
Release date: 2021-10-20

Important notices

ASNA Browser Terminal® must be installed on a server that has no other instances of DataGate WebPak. This means no websites running on Wings, Mobile RPG, or AVR.

If you intend to use ASNA Browser Terminal for user access across the public Internet we strongly recommend securing the server site with Secure Socket Layer and/or other data protection measures.

What's new for ASNA Browser Terminal 15.0

Secure Socket Layer Integration: ASNA DataGate 15.0 includes integrated support for SSL, allowing smoother, more effective security solutions for your Wings applications. If both DataGate Client and DataGate Server 15.0 are installed, SSL will be used by default. (See DataGate SLL Integration.)

Double-Byte character sets are now supported. (See the installed Readme in the IIS Root\AsnaBTerm\Double-Byte Support)

IBM i Server Names are now displayed in the browser title.

Installation Notes

ASNA Browser Terminal® must be installed on a server that has no other instances of DataGate WebPak. This means no websites running on Wings, Mobile RPG, or AVR.

The download packages on this page include the components for BTerm and WebPak. The downloadable package for DataGate 15.0 for IBM i can be found on the ASNA Downloads Page

BTerm has been tested on the following operating systems:

Note that Windows Server 2012 requires that this site be added to your Trusted Sites before you'll be able to download any of our software.

ASNA Browser Terminal will install into a virtual directory in the host machine's www root directory.

Warning If you intend to use ASNA Browser Terminal for anything other than strictly in-office purposes, strongly consider securing the server site with Secure Socket Layer and other data protection measures.

IE/Edge/Windows Installation note

If this software is downloaded via Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge you may receive a message stating that this file "is not commonly downloaded" when attempting to install it. In this event click the View Downloads button, select the ASNA product to install from that list, and confirm that you'd like to install it.

Similarly, attempting to install the software directly through Microsoft Windows may cause a "Windows protected your PC" message to appear. In this event click the small More Info prompt on the left, and click Run Anyway on the following window.

ASNA Runtime Changes

The version 15.0 of the ASNA family of .NET products introduces two changes in some ASNA DLLs.

1. ASNA.VisualRPG.Runtime.DLL expands into three new DLLs

The first change is that ASNA.VisualRPG.Runtime.DLL expands into three new DLLS: * ASNA.Runtime.DLL * ASNA.Runtime.Support.DLL * ASNA.Runtime.Monarch.DLL

This increased granularity was made to better match library improvements and DLL changes to the various ASNA products that use them. The details of this three-way split are shown below in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Version 15.0's new DLL structure

In Figure 1 above the namespaces each DLL provides is shown prefixed with {}. You can see that although ASNA.VisualRPG.Runtime.dll has been split into three DLLs the same namespaces are provided in the new DLLs. The version 15.x DLLs also provided a few new additional namespaces beyond what's shown in Figure 1.

To maintain backwards compatibility of version 15.0 with previous versions we ship an ASNA.VisualRPG.Runtime.dll library which forwards requests for any of the four original namespaces that where in that DLL to the corresponding new DLL. We will stop shipping the ASNA.VisualRPG.Runtime.dll with the next major version of ASNA .NET products. This forwarding version of this DLL will be available as a separate download.

2. ASNA.VisualRPG.Common.Sgml.dll has been deprecated.

The second change is that ASNA.VisualRPG.Common.Sgml.dll has been deprecated and its code has been moved to ASNA.Runtime.dll. This change mostly affects customers using Mobile RPG and Wings.

Changes you need to make because of these DLL changes

There are no coding changes you need to make in your projects because of these changes. The only changes you need to make is adding and/or deleting references. For new 15.x projects the correct project references will already exist.

In addition to removing that reference:

The ASNA.Runtime.* DLLS are located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ASNA Shared\Client\15

For more details on the runtime changes click here.

Software Requirements

Before installing BTerm, please ensure the Windows web server is equipped with the following:

On the IBM i, you will need the following:

Supported Web browsers, smartphones, and tablets

Please see this article for ASNA's browser and mobile client support.

Signing On

*To run ASNA Browser Terminal after installation, navigate a web browser to:


For further instructions see the Browser Terminal User's Guide.

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