Release Notes
ASNA Monarch®
Release date: 2020-09-02

Important notices

If upgrading from an earlier version please obtain a new license code from ASNA after installation.

What's New

Improved support for migrating CL Commands

Monarch now features several improvements and new options for handling CL Commands including:

CL Commands

New Cocoon Migration Features

Additional Monarch Framework classes and features

The display file keywords CHECK(RB, CHECK(RZ), and AUTO(RAB), AUTO(RAZ) are now supported with the implementation of the LeftPad property.

New Control: DdsUploader

The new DdsUploader control lets users upload specified filetypes directly to the IBM I.

Property Tasks Windows

Windows featuring the most relevant properties of each control will now pop up for the more complex DDS Controls:

DdsImage Improvements

When a DdsImage control contains multiple images, they can now be presented in a mobile-style swipe gallery using the new ViewType property. DdsImage controls that are upload-enabled can now accept images files via drag-and-drop.

DdsGMap Pin Improvements

New properties now support adding text labels to each map pin, as well as allowing multiple pins to be selected and/or a function key to be fired when a pin is selected.

New Command Method: InvokeQCmdExc

InvokeQCmdExc executes a command on the IBM i's Job associated with the database connection by calling IBM's QCMDEXC, opening up new programming possibilities for Wings and Mobile RPG.

Wings Layout Aid

The Wings Layout Aid is a new tool integrated into Monarch and Wings that allows developers to rearrange controls in a debug browser.

New Supported DDS Keyword: SFLDLT

The Record- and Subfile-level DDS Keyword SFLDLT is now supported. As the Monarch Framework does not have the active subfile limit (24) that affects subfiles on the IBM i, modernization treats it as identical to SFLCLR.

Software Requirements

Shared components

ASNA Monarch 8.0, ASNA Wings 8.0 and ASNA Mobile RPG 8.0 share some components to produce their user interface. These components are distributed with AVR and WebPak 14.0. The shared components are:

Supported Web Browsers

Monarch components use CSS and JavaScript. ASNA Monarch may be used with many different web browsers, but only the ones listed on this page have been tested and are officially supported.

Supported Mobile Operating Systems

Operating System Phones Tablets Preferred browser
iOS Version 5 Apple iPhone 3GS, 4 Apple iPad2 Safari
iOS Version6 Apple iPhone 5 Applie iPad Mini Safari
Android Gingerbread Samsung Galaxy S II Samsung Player 4 Firefox
Android Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Galaxy S, III, HTC One Asus Transformer Firefox
Android Jellybean HTC Droid DNA Google Nexus 7 Chrome or Dolphin
Windows 8 Nokia Lumia MS Surface RT/Surface Pro IE 10*

*The Chart Control's DataView grip may not function optimally in IE10, if your application uses this particular functionality, consider using Safari.

Installation Notes

Monarch 8.0 can be installed on a machine with the previous version (Monarch 7.0) if so desired. Any earlier products may cause conflicts if you have installed other ASNA products from our 12.0 and 7.0 product families (e.g. Visual RPG 11.1, Wings 6.2), please remove them prior to installation, or upgrade them before or after upgrading to Monarch 8.0.

ASNA Monarch 8.0 may be installed as a stand-alone product, or it may be installed along side ASNA Visual RPG 14.0. ASNA Monarch 8.0 is not compatible with ASNA Visual RPG 11.x or earlier. Please consider upgrading to ASNA Visual RPG 14.0 before installing ASNA Monarch 8.0.

Installing Microsoft's latest service packs, high priority and optional software updates for Windows and the .NET Framework is highly recommended.

Windows optional update KB3118401 is required for correct operation of version 14.0.

Silent Installations

Silent installations are now supported by Monarch Cocoon. See the Installation section of the readme for more details.

Changes Since Version:

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