´╗┐Release Notes
Release date: 2024-05-16

Papa family for .NET

.NET 8 support

ASNA Encore and ASNA Monarch provide .NET 8 support.

Software Requirements

Platform support

See the ASNA Version Policy for full requirements

You can only install one version of an ASNA Windows product on a single PC. For example, you can't install ASNA Visual RPG for .NET 17.x on a PC on which ASNA Visual RPG for .NET 16.x is installed.

ASNA Monarch Cocoon also requires:

General installation tips

Visual Studio 2022 Editions

Visual Studio 2022 17.4 or higher Professional or Enterprise edition is required with the Papa family.


Changes Since Version:

Clients - DataGate

QSys - DataGate.Client 5.0.5 - Changes since version 5.0.3

QSys - Runtime 5.0.8 - Changes since version 5.0.4