´╗┐Release Notes
ASNA Monarch for .NET
Release date: 2024-02-06

Important notices

This is the initial release of Monarch for .NET (Core)

Visual Studio 2022 Editions

Visual Studio 2022 17.2 or higher Professional or Enterprise edition is required with the Papa family.

What's New

This versions supports .NET 6, 7 and 8.

Software Requirements

ASNA Monarch requires the following software:

Platform support

See the ASNA Version Policy for full requirements

You can only install one version of an ASNA Windows product on a single PC. For example, you can't install ASNA Visual RPG for .NET 17.x on a PC on which ASNA Visual RPG for .NET 16.x is installed.

ASNA Monarch Cocoon also requires:

General installation tips

Supported Web Browsers

See this article for recommended Web browsers.


Changes Since Version:

Monarch Cocoon