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If you're interested in starting horse riding as a sport, then you may be unsure of exactly what you need to get started. Truthfully, you may find yourself feeling quite lost and spending hours searching on the internet or even walking through sport stores to find what you need.

As mentioned previously, whenever you ride a horse, there is the risk of falling off of it. So, in order to protect your body and your internal organs, you should always wear a safety vest. Falls happen quite easily, especially when you are learning new skills. A safety vest will absorb the impact of the fall and ensure that you are safe.

When it comes to horse riding, you'll likely spend the most on your saddle. This is because they need to be custom made to fit the specific horse that you're using as well as yourself.

The toe box is also built to protect your toes. You can choose from tall riding boots or paddock (short) boots. Tall boots help to prevent pinching but they are mostly used for shows or school. The short boots are multipurpose but you will need to also wear half chaps if you go with these types of boots for leg protection and grip.

You should consider getting shirts that are specifically made for horse riding. These type of shirts are very flexible, offer UV protection and are breathable so you are always comfortable.

When it comes to communicating with and controlling your horse, you will absolutely need to get a bridle, reins and bit. English bridles are made up of 4 pieces and they include the brow band, nose band, crown piece and cheek pieces. The specific type that you choose will be dependent on the type of riding you want to do, if you want to compete etc.

English bridles

Keep in mind that you can't use a bike helmet for horse riding as it won't provide sufficient head protection. You should ensure that the helmet you choose is meant for equestrians and you should have it fit according to your custom measurements.

Flies are unfortunately something you will always have to deal with once you are around horses. However, these flies are not only a nuisance but also dangerous since they carry diseases. So, in order to reduce the amount of flies on or near your horse, make sure to buy and use fly spray generously.

Horse riding is certainly a fun yet dangerous sport and has been found to be more dangerous than riding a motorcycle which is why it is extremely important to use safety equipment. Also, this sport is certainly not cheap but you can enjoy it without having to own a horse by taking lessons, leasing etc.

Pink Equine
English bridles

Saddle Pad

Riding pants are designed to be extremely comfortable and there are also many other types according to the type of riding you want to do. For example, if you want to do reining then you should get riding jeans, if you want to do jumping and dressage then you should get breeches etc.

Horse grooming tools are another must have for every equestrian. They will allow you to regularly groom your horse which will undoubtedly improve your bond. Also, it will help your horse's circulation and improve the shine of their coat.

Gloves will not only protect your hands from the reins but also help protect them in the event of a fall. Also, when you put on gloves, it will also help protect you from cold weather and they won't get too hot either.


Once you're ready to get started horse riding, be sure to get the important equipment and you'll be well on your way to getting started in this exhilarating sport.

If you do become serious and want to compete, then you'll need to buy a high quality horse which is costly along with a trailer, additional equipment and more. However, most competitive riders typically get sponsors so you can definitely consider that route.

Next, you will need to get riding pants. These pants are also referred to as jodhpurs, breeches, riding jeans etc. These type of pants don't have inner seams and on the inside near the knee, they also typically have grips.


Horses are undoubtedly quite large and dangerous animals. As a result, it is essential that you protect yourself and your head in particular when you want to ride one. Unfortunately, falls do happen and if you don't have a helmet on, this can easily lead to brain damage or worse.

This sport can be quite expensive as there are many things that you will have to get and there are even more accessories which are nice to have but not necessary. So, with that said, if you're getting started, we will cover the 5 most important equipment that you absolutely need so you can started horse riding as soon as possible.

When you regularly groom your horse, you will be able to easily notice any possible health issues that you can address before they become serious.


In addition to the saddle and saddle pad, you will also need to buy a girth which is basically a specially made band that is attached to the saddle and runs along the horse's belly to the other side of the saddle to keep it stable and in place.

Riding boots are absolutely necessary for every equestrian. You can't use normal types of boots because they don't have the required features for riding horses. Riding boots are designed to keep your feet in the stirrups and prevent them from sliding out due to their textured soles and small heels.

Additionally, you will also need to get a saddle pad which is placed under the saddle which helps protect the horse from the saddle. They also help to absorb sweat and protect the actual saddle itself as well.