The game mode Prison in Minecraft has gathered quite a following. The play itself is generally based around a themed map. This differs from the traditional natural biomes that are characteristic of Minecraft. Players have to rank up doing jobs or trading whilst being locked into the prison itself. Eventually some opportunity of going out into the free world either through ranking up or some form of escape.

PVP (Player versus Player) give futher options to rise up through the ranks which add daily events.

As with any Minecraft Server, finding the IP address is identical for Prison servers. Jump on to the many Minecraft Server Lists out there, do a sort for Prison and choose any servers that takes your fancy. Check the server description for further details and jump on their discord server or social media pages to find out more.

As soon as you have found a server that you like then simply press the "Copy IP" button, which will store the address into your computers buffer, so you can paste into your Minecraft game.

The more popular prison servers such as Purple Prison, have a larger player base, friendly staff and daily events to keep you coming back.

Best Minecraft Prison Servers

The number of players that vote for Minecraft Servers show just how popular they are. Players tend to be quite loyal and will vote day after day for the same server once they are happy with it.

Some of the Larger Prison Servers are:

Greater than 1000 Players online

- Vortex Network

- Minecraft Central

- Complex Gaming

- PikaNetwork

Greater than 3000 Players typically online

- MCHub

- OPBlocks

Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Minecraft Prison Servers Bedrock

Bedrock Prison servers still have some market hold with big names have both bedrock and java. Bedrock Servers allow all Bedrock users (Windows 10, XBox, PlayStation, Switch, iOS and Android) to play on them.

All Minecraft Server Lists have an option to list Bedrock Servers. The Minecraft Servers IP that allows you to connect and join for bedrock is usally listed seperatly. Bedrock Edition Servers require a different Port from the counterpart Java servers.

Minecraft Prison Servers Java

Complex Gaming is a Java only edition hub with a close to vanilla experience as you can get. Player numbers tend to be on the higher side of 1000. Complex Gaming has also been voted in the TOP10 list of Servers for Months and it just seems to keep getting better!

MCHub provides a similar experience to Complex Gaming. Player numbers are less which give the community a boost. Their server has also received a TOP10 award for gameplay.

Minecraft Classic Prison Servers

As prisons evolved, inmates began looking for bigger and better experiences, with more features. This led to the development of new features in prisons, such as crate keys and king of the hill, which provided extra in-game rewards.

Premium mines and outpost mines are all the rage these days, almost making "classic prison" a thing of the past.

These days, most of the best prison servers are OP Prison servers. With all sorts of new features, the game mode has turned into more of an MMO, with loads of new mechanics to take advantage of.

Here is a possible list of some interesting Minecraft Classic Prison Servers to connect to and play! To connect to a server, type the IP address in the Multiplayer button.

Airidale -

Allium Prison -

CastawayMC -

LockedMC -

Minecraft Prison Servers Reddit

Reddit posts on Prison Servers are a good way to find out old, current or new Minecraft Servers. Many discussions cover the pros and cons of the prision genre and how the servers have come and gone with the general style of players being catered for as the "Under Teens" . Any servers offering players quick rank up by P2W options are plentiful. The grind is still there to rank up if you want to go old hat. Almost gone are the days of non-OP prision servers.