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Las Vegas is full of possibilities. Las Vegas is the place to be if you just close your eyes. There are four miles of real estate that can be seen relics from around the world. You can see the streets of Paris, ancient Egypt, modern-day Venice and even the New York skyline. If all that sounds too exotic, you can find a variety of resorts that provide non-stop gaming, entertainment, and more. A wonderland such as this isn't found anywhere else in the globe.
The MGM Grand attracts many of the world's top acts to its numerous nightclubs, showrooms, and clubs. It is a perfect honeymoon resort with its pools, restaurants and signature bars, plus spacious suites. The resort provides tax assistance and features on shuttle service routes from and to the airport. This is only 7 minutes away. But it's usually more convenient via shuttle. Head north from McCarran Airport Connector to turn left onto E. Tropicana Ave. Continue straight onto Audrie St. until you reach the resort entrance.
Dress for the weather Vegas is hot for most of the year. However, the winter months can bring lower temperatures. Be sure to check the weather forecast before heading out. Always have at least one warm option. It's stylish and practical to have a pair of leggings or jeans with a cardigan or jeans. Check out the section below for great layering options.

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I will not go into detail about all the crazy things that people do in Las Vegas. But, I can recommend you have a quality hangover kits. Alka Seltzer is a good painkiller. You may also want electrolytes to rehydrate your body and activated carbon to absorb any lingering toxin.
There won't even be any clocks in Vegas. These days most people check their phones. However, if they want to recommend watches, here are some excellent ones. Yes, they're back. You don't have to be embarrassed by this bag. They're practical and convenient, especially for parents. I also love the little fold-up backpack. The pouch folds up so small that it is easy to pack. The backpack is small yet functional. For Vegas, I recommend small chargers/portable smartphone chargers. Amazon has this handy two-pack. It fits easily into any pocket or purse.
A pair of black leggings, even if you have workout gear, can double as travel clothes. The pockets on these leggings by Gym People are a great feature. The rashguards for boys are high quality, and the sleeves are long enough to be used for surfing and other watersports. Although they are listed as a boy's item, they can be purchased in multiple colors so that any child can use them.

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The Strip gives guests the opportunity to see the heart of Venice from the comfort of their hotel. It also allows them to experience Las Vegas' grand scale. This all-suite hotel commands a prime spot at the corner of The Strip Avenue and Sands Avenue.
ARIA Resort & Casino invites you to discover a world full of illuminating experience. ARIA Resort & Casino features world-class food and outstanding service. In-room technology and award-winning suites and rooms make it easy to enjoy a variety of illuminating activities. Bellagio overlooks the Mediterranean-blue lakes, where fountains create a stunning ballet. Bellagio has a rich history of award-winning dining, top-quality art, luxurious spa facilities, and luxury shopping.
The phrase "These uncertain times" is becoming a cliché, but it still holds true when traveling, especially when you are flying. Do your research well in advance of your trip. Make sure to keep checking your email for any updates. Flying is a good way to stay informed.

how much is a weekend trip to vegas
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trip vegas

Las Vegas does not have a high season or a low season according to the standard definition. However, you will find it most crowded between November-January. The peak season for hotels is July to October. You should plan ahead for specific events, such as New Year's Eve and spring break, major sporting events, conventions and major conventions.
The Venetian Resort Hotel Las Vegas offers a unique, extravagant experience. It is situated in a sprawling Italianate Palazzo. It boasts a Grand Canal with gondolas as well as a Renaissance Mall, spacious eco-friendly suites, and 10 outdoor pools. It's only 12 minutes from the airport by car or taxi. There's a range of transport options: a taxi booking, a shuttle service for Platinum and Gold members, or a Grazie shuttle that runs every half an hour, between 6.30pm and 6.30pm.
When you're on your Vegas vacation, I recommend that you stay close to all forms of water. You will be grateful that you took a travel tote with you, whether it's for swimming, hiking or hot springs. This towel can be easily carried in a backpack, handbag, or other bag. It dries quickly and is extremely soft. This towel is lightweight and can be used for any small trip around Vegas, or just to relax by the pool.

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Hotwire offers the best deals on Las Vegas vacations. Book your package today and get more bang for the buck. Many people are wondering if it is safe to travel in Las Vegas, given recent COVID-19 closings and reopenings. If you're looking for the best information on safety and restrictions as well as guidance about traveling during the coronavirus crisis, make sure to consult the latest information before you book your vacation packages.
The water bottle was used on our Vegas trip. The UV rays from the cap clean and disinfect water. You probably won't use it, but it can disinfect surfaces which can be useful for hotels or planes. You can pack enough diapers for the first day if your luggage space is tight. Also, make sure to research where diaper shops are located near your hotel. These essentials can be ordered via Instacart or Shipt.
Las Vegas has a reputation for extravagantness. You get the impression that Vegas has a lot of treasures. The tourist can take the famous Big Bus Tour down Vegas' Strip. This includes the Venetian Hotel, Paris Eiffel Tower, and back to New York New York. Las Vegas is not only known for its high-rollers and rollercoasters. It also has a variety of specialty museums, canyon tours, and other attractions.

las vegas trips deals
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best road trips from las vegas

I wear sandals and platform wedges as my shoes. Heels are not allowed in the day club because the floors are uneven and slippery. You must be careful not slip and fall. It is also very predictable because there is very little rain or wind in the summer months. Bad weather shouldn't ruin your vacation if you visit Las Vegas during the summer.
Booking your flight and hotel together will help you save money, while Las Vegas vacation packages can often offer fun extras that are not available if you book everything separately. You want to know what kind of stuff I mean? Consider dining discounts, complimentary nights, upgrade rooms, nightclub promotions and show tickets.
You will need sunglasses wherever you go, but they are especially important in Vegas. You need protection for your eyes, no matter how long you spend at the pool party or when you're out exploring the Strip. Wearing stylish sunglasses is a great way to protect your eyes from the sun and irritability of being hungover.

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For Vegas, I recommend packing two outfits each day: one for the day and one for the evening. This is my general rule. Even if you don't plan on dressing up for an evening activity, you will need to change clothes as the clothing you wore throughout the day may be sweaty or smoky.
Las Vegas is the epicenter of entertainment. Vegas is known for being "Sin City" because it allows anyone to play. Gambling is just a small part of the casino's offerings. It doesn't matter if you are looking for something fun or debaucherous in this oasis of desert.
Don't let the dry desert climate drain your lips of any hydration. Bring chapstick (a few to each bag) to Las Vegas to keep your lips moisturized and full of life. Even though the iPhone can take beautiful photos, you should still bring your camera. Take some professional shots in front the Eiffel Tower. Or maybe you'll get candids as your walk around the Neon Museum.

las vegas to denver road trip