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The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino is located just 5 minutes away from the Convention Center. It offers entertainment for free every night. By cab or bus, the hotel is only 8 minutes from the airport. It takes half an hour to get there by line 108 bus.
The Wynn Las Vegas offers a luxurious, glamorous resort that features a full-service casino, numerous boutiques, and other exquisite amenities. The hotel does not provide a shuttle service but it is directly located on the Strip. McCarran International is only 12 minutes away by taxi or hired car.
The Vegas climate is more bark than bite. Although summer highs can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no humidity or air-conditioning. You will still be comfortable so long as you have plenty of water. Hydration is key, even in the warm months (June to September) With 300 days of sunshine per year, there are very few chances of rain. However, it is possible for evening walks to be colder than usual due to the brightly lit skies.

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Even though the expression "these uncertain times” is getting old, it is still true for traveling, especially when flying. Make sure you do your research before you leave for your trip. You should keep checking for changes to ensure you are up-to-date. The airlines are good at keeping you informed if you're flying.
The Luxor Hotel-Casino pyramid is an inviting place for curiosity. Its interior offers a mix of excitement, mystery, intrigue and wonder. There are many rooms available in the Tower Building that have been recently renovated. It is also adjacent to Pyramid Building. This resort has a wide range of entertainment options as well as top-notch exhibits.
While it might seem obvious to add this to your Las Vegas packing lists, it's a good idea to keep it in mind. Las Vegas is all 21+ activities. It would be a disaster if you forgot this Las Vegas essential. Make sure you have your ID ready before you leave home!

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A cute, casual outfit that you can wear to the nightclubs includes a bodysuit, black jeans, and a pair or heels. If you are not celebrating a special occasion, I wear this outfit to Las Vegas nightclubs. It is easy to dress up or down a body suit. You can wear it with jeans for daytime sightseeing, black jeans at nightclubs, or a skirt for dinner. It doesn't matter if you travel in winter or summer, so make sure to get one with a shorter or longer sleeves. I love a bodysuit as my favorite travel outfit. It doesn't matter if it is summer or winter; you can get one with either a short- or long-sleeve.
You must stay hydrated if Vegas is your destination. You can feel weak and tired in the heat of the desert. Make sure you always have water on hand! Don't let desert heat sap all your hydration. Make sure to pack chapstick to Las Vegas so your lips stay hydrated and plump all weekend.
It may seem obvious to include this item on your Las Vegas packing list but it is a good idea to remind yourself. Las Vegas is all about 21+ activities so forgetting to bring this essential Las Vegas item would be a nightmare. Before you leave the house, double check your ID!

plan las vegas trip
trips to vegas flight and hotel

trips to vegas flight and hotel

Dress according to the weather Vegas can be hot most of the year, but winter can bring cooler temperatures. Before you leave, check the weather forecast. At least one warm outfit is recommended. Comfortable and stylish, leggings, a cardigan, jeans or a sweater and a sweatshirt or hoodie are all options. For great layering ideas, check out the section below about gear for adventure side trips.
It's the ideal backpack for every trip. You can fit all you need in a carry-on, even if your destination is Vegas. Multi-purpose is the key to packing your bag. While you are looking for Las Vegas vacation deals, make sure to take a look at seasonal activities. Many of the most popular crowd-pleasing events like the Super Bowl, NASCAR race and the Rodeo take place during fall and winter.
Las Vegas atmosphere is something you need to see in person to truly appreciate. It's the buzzing sound of chimes when a guest has just won the jackpot, or the bass pounding from the club. There's also the distinct smell of exotic delicacies and people-watching that you have never experienced before. It's a source of irony as well as improbability that can transform a chip, a chair, into a million-dollar deal.

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If you are able to make your daydreams a reality, it is even better. Hotwire is the best way to book your Las Vegas hotel or flight deal. Hotwire has an affordable package that will work for you. Ready to make your wildest dreams come true? These Hotwire deals won't last long.
You can't go wrong with taking beautiful photos with your iPhone, but it is also possible to bring your camera. Take professional shots at the Eiffel Tower or capture candid shots while you are walking around the Neon Museum. Las Vegas is the best place on Earth. Vegas is well-known as "Sin City" and is a place where anyone can have fun. Gambling is just one of many activities. You'll find it in this desert oasis if it's entertaining and debaucherous.
The Aria Resort is one of the most luxurious hotels along the Las Vegas Strip. This hotel offers private cabana rental and a range dedicated amenities to make your Las Vegas getaway special. McCarran International Airport is a 10-minute walk away. You can book a taxi or limo 24 hours a day. Sky Suites booked with the hotel include luxury transportation to and from airport.

dayclub pool party las vegas
las vegas trip

las vegas trip

Hotwire is the place to book your Las Vegas vacation package if you want to score the best deal. Many are now asking, "Is Las Vegas safe?" After recent COVID-19 reopenings and closures, Check out the latest information regarding safety precautions, restrictions, and how to travel during the coronavirus epidemic when you are ready to book your vacation package.
Many people visit hotels and casinos when they are in downtown Las Vegas. These hotels can be found within walking distance, but they are often farther away than you think. You should bring sturdy walking shoes. When you travel to Las Vegas, expect the unexpected. You should be prepared for anything, and have your technology with you to capture the experience.
Bellagio offers some of the best Las Vegas vacation deals. You'll find the perfect vacation deal for you with so many incredible Las Vegas attractions and hotels. Also, there are affordable flights to Las Vegas from many other cities in the United States.

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The city is a desert oasis. Las Vegas is Nevada's biggest city. It sits in a valley of desert surrounded mountains. Nights sparkle with neon lights. Las Vegas offers everything you need: the excitement of gambling, the great shows and concerts, the pool-side parties, the huge food buffets, and the entertainment.
Not only are sunglasses essential everywhere, but even more so in Vegas. Eye protection is essential for everything from long days at the beach to the excitement of exploring the Strip. A pair of fashionable shades will make you feel better about rallying after a heavy night.
A cruise tour is a combination of a voyage and a land tour. The land tour occurs either before or afterwards the voyage. If not noted, additional services such as airfares, airport transfers, shore excursions and land tour excursions are available at an additional cost. Additional services such as airfare, airport transfers, shore excursions, land tour excursions, etc. are not included. They can be purchased for an additional fee.

las vegas airfare round trip