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It is essential to have sunglasses everywhere, but especially in Vegas. Protect your eyes from the sun and heat of the Strip. It's a good idea to bring stylish sunglasses if you are feeling hungover. Even though it may seem obvious, you should still add it to your Las Vegas shopping list. Las Vegas is all around 21+ activities. So forgetting this Las Vegas must-have would be a complete nightmare. Before you leave your home, make sure that you have your identification!
Las Vegas atmosphere is something you need to see in person to truly appreciate. It's the buzzing sound of chimes when a guest has just won the jackpot, or the bass pounding from the club. There's also the distinct smell of exotic delicacies and people-watching that you have never experienced before. It's a source of irony as well as improbability that can transform a chip, a chair, into a million-dollar deal.
The Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas is a whimsical, luxurious creation. It is located in an Italianate palace. The hotel boasts a grand canal with gondolas and a renaissance shopping mall. There are also 10 outdoor swimming pools. It is only 12 minutes away by taxi or car from the airport. The hotel offers a variety of transportation options including a taxi booking service and a shuttle service called 'Grazie' (free for Platinum and Gold members). This shuttle runs every half hour from 6.30pm to 6.30pm.

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The MGM Grand is home to some of the most famous performers in the world, thanks to its many nightclubs and showrooms. It's a great place to honeymoon with its pool complexes, signature bars and restaurants, as well as generously-sized rooms. Tax assistance is available and there are features on shuttle routes to and from the airport. It takes approximately 7 minutes, but it can take longer by shuttle. Driving from McCarran International to the resort, turn north onto McCarran Airport Connector, and then left onto E. Tropicana Ave.
You will use different products and your mileage may vary, but these are the essentials for your toiletry bag. You should always have a backup of the products you use every day. You can buy a replacement at the hotel or in one of the Strip drugstores, but you will have to pay Vegas prices.
The MGM Grand draws some of the biggest names in entertainment to its many showrooms and nightclubs. The ideal resort for honeymooners is the MGM Grand, which boasts pool complexes and a variety of restaurants and bars. It also has generously-sized suites. You can get tax assistance and shuttle services to and from McCarran International in just 7 minutes. However, it takes a lot longer by shuttle. Directions from McCarran Airport Connector: Turn north on McCarran Airport Connector. Take a left onto E. Tropicana Ave. Then turn right onto Audrie St. to get to the resort entrance.

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When you're on your Vegas vacation, I recommend that you stay close to all forms of water. You will be grateful that you took a travel tote with you, whether it's for swimming, hiking or hot springs. This towel can be easily carried in a backpack, handbag, or other bag. It dries quickly and is extremely soft. This towel is lightweight and can be used for any small trip around Vegas, or just to relax by the pool.
Las Vegas' atmosphere is one that you have to feel to fully appreciate. The ringing of the bells as a guest hits the jackpot, the sound of the club's bass, the unique smells of delectable foods, and the people-watching unlike anything you've ever seen. You can make a chip and a chair a million dollars by using irony and improbability.
Inspired by the beauty and elegance of the nearby Red Rock mountains this hotel pays homage at the elegant desert oasis resorts from the mid-20th century. The Mirage Hotel, Casino, is situated in lush vegetation, towering waterfalls, sparkling lagoons, and offers the serenity of Las Vegas with the excitement and excitement of Las Vegas. This hotel is home to a fiery volcano.

vegas trip ideas
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The Vegas climate has a worse bark than it bites. While summer highs may hover around 100 degrees F, with no humidity and always-present air-conditioning you will be comfortable so long you have water. If you drink enough water, even the warmer months (June through September) can be bearable. The chances of a rainout are low with 300 days worth of sunshine each year. You should bring a sweater and windbreaker to keep warm during the evenings, especially if you are walking under the neon-lit sky.
Las Vegas is the most famous place on Earth. Vegas is known as the "Sin City", and it's not hard to see why. Gambling is only one aspect of Vegas. This desert oasis has everything you need for fun and debauchery. The bag is perfect for any trip, even to Las Vegas. I have personally carried it on numerous trips. Even if you are headed to Vegas, you can still fit everything in a carry-on. When packing your bag, think multi-purpose.
Las Vegas is known for its excesses. The famous Big Bus Tour down Vegas gives tourists the impression of a city full of stolen treasure. From the Venetian Hotel to Paris Eiffel Tower to Vegas, back through New York New York, and finally the Egyptian Luxor with its life-size Sphinx. Las Vegas has more to it than just high-rollers or roller-coasters. The city also boasts specialty museums and canyon tours.

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This is a great way of ensuring that you are still able to do daytime activities following a night out enjoying all that Vegas has to provide. You can find these kits in many hotels. However, they are expensive so bring your own.Book one of our hotel + flight packages and you can take the hassle out of planning your trip. We will provide high-quality services to assist you in booking your Vegas flight and getting you settled into one of our exceptional hotels. You can relax, dream about Las Vegas and just sit back. You already know more than you think. Only thing left is to find a restaurant that everyone agrees on.
MGM Grand Casino and Hotel is the Entertainment Authority. You will enjoy star-studded entertainment, incredible shows, world class dining, and unbeatable nightslife. Hakkasan's five-level nightclub complex is the place to be. It features a stellar celebrity DJ line-up.
Even though the remedies for many ailments can be found in the blister and hangover treatments, I recommend that you also include Neosporin and other basic first aid items, as well as a few drops of cough medicine. My hair is not always perfect when I travel with kids. Amazon has many adorable elastics, pins, and clips that can be used to make fun updos or ponytails that take your hair off the neck.

las vegas to los angeles day trip
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vegas to utah road trip

Dress according to the weather Vegas can be hot most of the year, but winter can bring cooler temperatures. Before you leave, check the weather forecast. At least one warm outfit is recommended. Comfortable and stylish, leggings, a cardigan, jeans or a sweater and a sweatshirt or hoodie are all options. For great layering ideas, check out the section below about gear for adventure side trips.
You can relax and let us take the worry out of organizing your vacation by booking one of our hotels + air packages. We'll help you book your Vegas flights and set you up in one our amazing hotels. You will be able to relax, enjoy the sights and feel the excitement of Las Vegas. You know more than you realize. All you have to worry is finding a good restaurant where everyone can agree.
Dress for the weather Vegas is very hot during the summer, but it can get colder in the winter. Check the weather forecast before your trip. You should have at least one warm outfit. You can look stylish and comfortable in leggings, jeans, or a cardigan. You can also check out the section below that discusses gear for adventures side trips to get great ideas for layering.

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The Venetian Resort Hotel Las Vegas's most luxurious and whimsical hotel is the Venetian. It is situated in an Italianate palazzo. It features a grand canal, renaissance center, spacious suites, and 10 outdoor swimming pools. The airport is 12 minutes away by car or taxi. The hotel has a wide variety of transport options. These include a taxi booking system and a 'Grazie’ shuttle service (free to Gold and Platinum members). It operates every half hour between 6am and 6.30pm.
It is important to stay as close to water as possible while on your Vegas trip. A travel towel is a must-have for any vacation. It can be carried in your backpack or handbag and dried quickly. It's lightweight and breathable so it is great for short trips to Vegas or relaxing at the pool.
A cute, casual outfit that you can wear to the nightclubs includes a bodysuit, black jeans, and a pair or heels. If you are not celebrating a special occasion, I wear this outfit to Las Vegas nightclubs. It is easy to dress up or down a body suit. You can wear it with jeans for daytime sightseeing, black jeans at nightclubs, or a skirt for dinner. It doesn't matter if you travel in winter or summer, so make sure to get one with a shorter or longer sleeves. I love a bodysuit as my favorite travel outfit. It doesn't matter if it is summer or winter; you can get one with either a short- or long-sleeve.

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