Dolphin Island Review

Do alligators swim in the ocean in Florida

Although you may have seen dolphins in captivity in a marine park or aquarium, it is much more fascinating to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat. Even though wild dolphin behavior cannot be predicted, and sightings on all trips are not guaranteed, tour captains have a lot of experience on the waters of St. Andrew Bay almost every day. Our captains know where dolphins can be found, and they do everything possible to ensure guests have a good time. Dolphins can be seen on most tours jumping, playing, looking for food and communicating with each other.

Private tours are ideal for groups that desire a more intimate experience or want to avoid being exposed to other groups. Another benefit of private tours is the flexibility to determine how long you will stay in a given area.

Another thing that makes jet ski tours so cool is the fact that dolphins love to explore the jet ski sway.

Although we have everything you could need onboard, you can still bring any item you wish. A towel, polarized glasses, sweater, or jacket are all good items to bring. It's cooler on the water than it is on the land due to the breeze and the open boat. You can also bring snacks and drinks.

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Shell Island is a popular spot for visitors to Panama City Beach. This tiny island is undeveloped and offers visitors the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of Florida.

For groups who want a more personal experience or wish to keep their group from being too exposed to other groups, private tours are a great option. Private tours also offer the option to choose how long you wish to stay in one area.

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We offer the opportunity to step off the boat and explore Shell Island. Shell Island offers many opportunities for snorkeling, exploration, collecting sea shells and more. Shell Island is a nature reserve that can only be reached by watercraft. It measures 7 miles long. Shell Island has one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches Florida has to offer. Shell Island is an absolute paradise for nature lovers.

Although it may be possible to view captive dolphins in marine parks, it is much more enjoyable to see these amazing animals at their natural habitat. While wild dolphin behavior can't be predicted and sightings may not occur on every trip, our captains have been on the waters of St. Andrew Bay for years. They are experts in the areas where dolphins might be found. Our captains will ensure guests have a wonderful time. Dolphins are frequently seen communicating with each other and jumping around on many tours.

Dolphin Island Review

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Thats really up to you. The boat tour is often better for those traveling with young kids, or those with more limited mobility, but it really depends on you. If youre not sure if your group would do better on Waverunners or boats, give us a call, and well help you decide what would be best.

This three-hour Shell Island Dolphin and Snorkeling Tour will be your ultimate Panama City Beach experience!

Can you drive to Shell Key island
Can you drive to Shell Key island

The shallows around Shell Island and St. Andrews Bay are exquisite, and if youve brought your snorkeling gear, you will see some amazing sights in the clear water of the Gulf. Bring an underwater camera, and bring home snapshots that your friends will actually sit down to see.

Although it is great to explore Shell Island with an expert, some visitors prefer to go slow. Renting a boat is the best way to do it. You can go out on the open waters and park where you like.

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You can choose to book a private charter and have the boat your way for 2 - 6 guests or book a guided tour. On public tours, multiple guests can be seated on the same boat. All our tours are limited to six guests. You can have more people on our tours by booking multiple boats.

St. Andrew Bay's dolphins are wild animals. Therefore, it is difficult to predict when they will be most active. The season, weather, tide cycles and availability of prey all influence dolphin behavior. There is generally a good chance that dolphins will be seen when the sun is shining and the water is clear and calm. Feeding activities can usually be seen at an outgoing tide. You are best to find a dolphin tour operator such as Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours, which is available almost every day of the year.

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The Junonia. What is Florida's Most Rare Shell? The Junonia, also known by the Scaphella Junonia, is the most rare shell. It can be found here on Sanibel Island, which is a great news.

About 10 minutes The whole ride takes approximately 10 minutes. With experienced boat drivers and local knowledge, the shuttle service is the fastest method to reach Shell Island.

Panama's tropical climate makes snorkeling possible throughout the year. Temperatures range between 75 and 86 degrees F (24 and 30 degC). The Caribbean coast is more humid than the Pacific coast, rainfall is more frequent and heat is omnipresent (86-95degF/30-35degC).