Shell Island Dolphin Tours Johns Pass

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Relax and unwind as your USCG captain/tour leader takes you out to enjoy breathtaking sunsets and views that only can be seen from the water. While you are enjoying the evening, bring your favorite beverage and/or snacks.

Departure Times: 10:00 a.m. 12:30 pm. 3:00 p.m. 5:15 PM. Top-rated Activity requires Reservations: Jet ski dolphin...

Shell Island Dolphin Tours Johns Pass

Our Dolphin and Snorkeling tours usually begin by searching for wildlife. Our local Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are often found. Our captains and tour guides are Panama City Beach locals who are knowledgeable about dolphin behavior in the area.

What could be better than having one-on-1 interaction with one among the most intelligent creatures on the sea? Dolphin Seafari offers private tours, for groups and individuals who want to spend time with the dolphins on Shell Island.

Catamaran Cruise

Time of departure: 8:00 am 10:15 am 12:30 am 12:30 a.m 2:00 p.m 5.15 p.m The top rated activity requires reservations Jet ski dolphin...

All year, dolphins can be found at Panama City Beach! Your dolphin tour will allow you to see wild dolphins in their natural habitat. We go the extra mile, or even 10 miles! The marina is close to the dolphins' habitat so you have the best chance of seeing them.

Catamaran Cruise
Shell Island Dolphin Tours Lighthouse And Plantation

Shell Island Dolphin Tours Lighthouse And Plantation

Another fun aspect of jet skiing tours is the curiosity that dolphins have about the jet ski wake.

Private tours start at $400 and can accommodate up to six people. This is less than $70 per person. This is a great deal for a three-hour tour. This tour is suitable for infants and children.

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For many years, we have been taking guests on dolphin tour with us. We follow all safety precautions to ensure that our guests are safe and that the dolphins are well-being. All safety equipment required by US Coast Guard is included on our comfortable and stable tour boats. All guests will have a great time on our Panama City Beach Dolphin tour. We do our best to accommodate guests who have special access requirements, so let us know.

Whether you know exactly what you want to see and do, or just know you want a day out on the open water, the guides at Adventures at Sea can help you explore the gorgeous ocean that surrounds Panama City Beach. Each tour is approximately two hours long. Book online today and reserve what is sure to be the most beautiful and exciting part of your Florida Gulf vacation.

Shell Island Dolphin Tours Jet Ski
Shell Island Dolphin Tours Jet Ski

These private dolphin tours start at $300 and can accommodate up to 6 guests. The cost is $50 per person. This is a fantastic deal if you have this many people! Dolphin Seafari can accommodate larger parties if given advance notice. Please call 850-960-8107 if your group includes more than 6 persons to verify availability.

Dolphin snorkel trips: Snorkeling panama City Beach This excursion lasts 3 hours so you have more time to get out and about.

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Journey the Historic Grand Lagoon on the unforgettable Shell Island Dolphin Sea-fari Boat Tour! Watch for a variety of aquatic wonders, sea shells, and wildlife. Explore Shell Island and swim, go shelling, picnic, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful island! Book your Shell Island Dolphin Sea-fari Boat Tour today and make memories that last a lifetime!

Shell Island is an attractive destination for travelers visiting Panama City Beach. This small island is undeveloped which makes it an ideal spot for tourists to experience the beauty of Florida in its natural state.

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Dolphin Swim Adventure rates are $170 Adult and $140 Children per person, plus tax.

For residents of Bay County, it is the crown jewel. It also attracts many visitors to the area and helps our economy. The St. Andrews State Park is responsible for the western half of Shell Island. It is part of the Florida Parks System.

Florida is a great spot to find seaglass. The Keys, Navarre Beach and Siesta Key are some of the most popular spots for sea glass in Florida. Good sea glass is found anywhere you would find shipping lanes and coastal activity.