Shell Island Dolphin Tours Kice

Shell Island Boat Tours Panama City Beach

Only six people can take the Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours. The tour allows guests to explore St. Andrew Bay with ease, get to know the captain, and even see the dolphins. As your captain takes the tour boat to the dolphins as close as possible, you can ask questions, take photos, and shoot video. However, he will be respectful of their needs and not cause any harm.

A dolphin tour makes for a fantastic sightseeing experience. All tour boats leave Adventure at Sea in Lower Grand Lagoon. Then they cruise south across the pass between St. Andrew Bay & the Gulf of Mexico to reach Shell Island. Enjoy the views and look out for sea birds, sea turtles, and dolphins.

Shell Island Dolphin Tours Kice

A dolphin tour is a wonderful way to see the area. All tour boats depart Adventure at Sea, Lower Grand Lagoon. On the way to Shell Island, they cross the pass between St. Andrew Bay (the Gulf of Mexico) and cruise south. The view is breathtaking and you may spot seabirds or sea turtles. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins.

Shell Island offers many activities, including boating, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling and boating. Because Shell Island is home several pods, bottlenose dolphin encounters are very popular.


You can choose to book a private charter and have the boat your way for 2 - 6 guests or book a guided tour. On public tours, multiple guests can be seated on the same boat. All our tours are limited to six guests. You can have more people on our tours by booking multiple boats.

St. Andrew Bay's dolphins are wild animals. Therefore, it is difficult to predict when they will be most active. The season, weather, tide cycles and availability of prey all influence dolphin behavior. There is generally a good chance that dolphins will be seen when the sun is shining and the water is clear and calm. Feeding activities can usually be seen at an outgoing tide. You are best to find a dolphin tour operator such as Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours, which is available almost every day of the year.

Is there food on Shell Key

Is there food on Shell Key

We offer the opportunity to step off the boat and explore Shell Island. Shell Island offers many opportunities for snorkeling, exploration, collecting sea shells and more. Shell Island is a nature reserve that can only be reached by watercraft. It measures 7 miles long. Shell Island has one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches Florida has to offer. Shell Island is an absolute paradise for nature lovers.

Although it may be possible to view captive dolphins in marine parks, it is much more enjoyable to see these amazing animals at their natural habitat. While wild dolphin behavior can't be predicted and sightings may not occur on every trip, our captains have been on the waters of St. Andrew Bay for years. They are experts in the areas where dolphins might be found. Our captains will ensure guests have a wonderful time. Dolphins are frequently seen communicating with each other and jumping around on many tours.

Can you metal detect on Shell Island

We invite you to join us for a fun boat trip and a chance see bottlenose Dolphins, one of the most charismatic and fascinating creatures in nature. Call (850). 754-2967 to book your spot on one our Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours.

Are you looking for a more adventurous dolphin tour on Shell Island? Jet skis allow you to enjoy dolphins in their natural habitat.

Is Panama City Beach good for snorkeling
Is Panama City Beach good for snorkeling

Shell Island has many activities including snorkeling, kayaking or boating. Shell Island is home of many pods containing these magnificent sea creatures. This makes bottlenose dolphin excursions very popular.

You can swim with Panama City's wild bottle-nose dolphins on your trip in super-fast boats that are specially built for visiting and finding them. Shell Island Dolphin Tours is smaller than larger boats, which can carry between 150 and 150 people. We only take 6 people on certain boats and 7-15 on others boats, with children of all ages. You can be in the water quickly with your snorkel gear on without any disruptions or splashing that large groups cause, which often scares the dolphins away. Your Captain will teach you how to interact with dolphins. For example, it is better to swim parallel to them than to reach out and touch them. Swim with Dolphins We will put you in the water prior to the dolphins arrive. This will make it more likely that the dolphins swim to us rather than to us. You can see wildlife such as birds of prey and pelicans, along with underwater creatures, herons, and even underwater creatures. Shells and sand dollars can be found in the Shell Island area. Explore St. Andrews Bay or the Gulf of Mexico by snorkeling grass flats.

Shell Island Dolphin Tours Destin Florida

The tours depart every two hours, so you have plenty of time to choose from. Sunset tours are also available!

A dolphin cruise is also an excellent way to enjoy the sights. All tour boats depart Adventure at Sea Lower Grand Lagoon docks and travel south to Shell Island. While enjoying the scenery and spotting seabirds, or maybe even a sea turtle, you should keep an eye out for dolphins.

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Henderson Beach State Park, Destin, Florida. Bay St. Louis Beach in Bay St. Louis (Mississippi). Padre Island National Seashore Corpus Christi (Texas). Siesta Key Beach. Siesta Key, Florida. Orange Beach, Orange Beach. Shell Island, Panama City Beach. Florida. St. Pete Beach, St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Shell Island (or Key), is only accessible by boat as it is part of the Shell Key Preserve. You can find it in Pinellas County between Fort Desoto Park & Pass-A-Grille Beach. To load your kayak or boat, take the Pinellas Byway South through Terra Verde.

Panama City Beach is the ideal place to swim with dolphins. Panama City has a lot to offer, including wild dolphins and marine parks that have dolphins that are as excited to meet you as you are!