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Shell Island Dolphin Tours 2022 Schedule

At this moment, there are no Dolphin Tours. We will soon offer them. This is a rare opportunity that will make your Panama City Beach vacation unforgettable. To make sure that your Panama City Beach trip is memorable, we welcome visitors to join our Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours.

Florida's jet ski rentals require that the primary driver has a valid driverís licence. Drivers born after 1998 will need to pass a short test for a temporary safety license.

The private dolphin tours can be booked for as many as 6 people and cost $300. That's $50 per person. This deal is great if you have a large group! Dolphin Seafari will accommodate larger groups provided that you notify them in advance. For groups of more than six people, please call (850)960-8107 to confirm availability.

Six passengers are allowed on the Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours. This allows our guests to tour St. Andrew Bay in comfort and allow them to interact with the tour guide. Your captain will take all your questions and allow you to snap pictures.

Shell Island Dolphin Tours Queens

We always start our Dolphin and Snorkeling Tours by looking for wildlife. We often find the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Our guides and captains are natives who know a lot about the dolphin behavior in Panama City Beach.

We cruise along the waters surrounding Shell Island and Grand Lagoon, St. Andrews State Parks, St. Andrews Bay and Panama City Beach, looking for all types of wildlife and marine life. Every day, we have the opportunity to see different species of wildlife on our boat tours. Each day is different, depending on what the environment and wildlife are in the area. We adjust our boat rides daily to provide you with the best possible dolphin tour and snorkeling tour. Each day is different. Shell Island's marine life, snorkeling spots, as well as the stops we make, change daily. This is great because you'll see something new every time you go on a tour with us. Your captain will be happy to accommodate any special requests you might have for your boat tour.

Shell Island Dolphin Tours Queens
Can you see dolphins at Shell Island Wales

Can you see dolphins at Shell Island Wales

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Shell Island is home for a large population of bottlenose Dolphins. On one of our Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours, you can see these magnificent marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Shell Island Dolphin Tours Queenstown
Shell Island Dolphin Tours Queenstown

These watercraft can cover more ground in a short time period, which is an advantage if your goal is to see more of the surrounding area. This tour is great for guests looking for a little adrenaline rush while they surf the waves.

Since many years we have taken guests on dolphin tours. We strictly follow all safety guidelines to ensure our guests' safety as well as the welfare of the dolphins. Our comfortable, stable boats are equipped with all the safety equipment required by the US Coast Guard. The Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours are safe for all ages and great fun. We will do our best for guests with special needs. Please let us know.

Shell Island Boat Tours
6 Shell Ring Road Hilton Head

Book a private boat tour and you will have the boat to yourself for between 2-6 guests. Or, book a tour that is open to all. We can accommodate up to 6 guests on public tours if we have multiple passengers. All of our tours allow for 6 guests. Multiple boats can be used to accommodate larger groups.

Florida requires that all jet ski rental companies have a valid driverís license. Drivers born after 1988 must pass a test to obtain a temporary boating safety licence.

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Discovery Cove offers an all-inclusive resort that allows you to relax on beautiful beaches, swim with dolphins and snorkel with thousands of tropical fish, feed exotic birds, and enjoy the company of your family. You can arrange your adventure at your own pace, as there are no lines in the park.

Snorkeling in the Jetties A popular spot is the "children’s pool", which is how locals refer the calm, protected waters behind Shell Island Jetty. The protected swimming area at the southern end St. Andrews State Park is another good spot.

You can relax on Panama City Beach's white sand beach with your family or go snorkeling, collecting beautiful shells. Or you can walk the forest trails of the island, where you might find deer and many species of birds, including the shorebirds and endangered species like the loggerhead.