Shell Island Boat Tours Panama City Beach Fl

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These tours are great for anyone who wants to see the island from both sides.

Pontoons make it easy to drive. St. Andrew's Bay's water quality is exceptional, so you don't need to worry about being a first-time captain.

Shell Island Boat Tours Panama City Beach Fl

For many years, we have been taking guests on dolphin tour with us. We follow all safety precautions to ensure that our guests are safe and that the dolphins are well-being. All safety equipment required by US Coast Guard is included on our comfortable and stable tour boats. All guests will have a great time on our Panama City Beach Dolphin tour. We do our best to accommodate guests who have special access requirements, so let us know.

Whether you know exactly what you want to see and do, or just know you want a day out on the open water, the guides at Adventures at Sea can help you explore the gorgeous ocean that surrounds Panama City Beach. Each tour is approximately two hours long. Book online today and reserve what is sure to be the most beautiful and exciting part of your Florida Gulf vacation.

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Relax and unwind as your USCG captain/tour leader takes you out to enjoy breathtaking sunsets and views that only can be seen from the water. While you are enjoying the evening, bring your favorite beverage and/or snacks.

Departure Times: 10:00 a.m. 12:30 pm. 3:00 p.m. 5:15 PM. Top-rated Activity requires Reservations: Jet ski dolphin...

Best Dolphin Tour Tybee Island
How much does it cost to swim with dolphins in Panama City

How much does it cost to swim with dolphins in Panama City

Shell Island is a popular destination for tourists visiting Panama City Beach. The island is small and undeveloped making it a great spot to see Florida's natural beauty.

Shell Island is surrounded by the As mentioned, there are many things to do on Shell Island. Split charters are a great way to make the most out of your time and snorkel with dolphins.

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Our photos section and social media offer a glimpse into the wildlife we might see. Every image on our website and social media was taken while on our tour. We attempt to update our social channels often with new pictures and frequently take pictures so you can keep up to date and see what we are currently seeing. Our Instagram and Facebook pages will show you what we have seen over the last few days or weeks. They can be found at the bottom. It is not unusual to see turtles, sharks or dolphins.

If you decide to go this route, be sure to ask our team to point out dolphin hotspot areas on the map so that you know where to encounter

Shell Island Dolphin Tours Vilano Beach
Shell Island Dolphin Tours Vilano Beach

Our Adventures At Sea guides will then tour around the waters of Shell Island to show you the home of one of the largest schools of bottlenose dolphins in the world. We know all their favorite places to hideand the places where they love to show off.

New Pontoon Boat Rentals: Accommodations for up to 10 people or maximum weight (1600 lbs). Safety equipment provided.

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If the conditions are safe, you might get the chance to swim or snorkel with dolphins. This means we might be able get in the water right next to the dolphins. You will not be able to touch the dolphins in any way. They are wild dolphins with a mind of their very own. They will sometimes swim close to you at times. Dolphins are not fed or harassed by us. Swimming with dolphins is not something we guarantee. We feel that promising "swimming" with dolphins would be unethical. We appreciate the wild dolphins as they are. All our boat tours comply with and support the Marine Mammal Protection Act. If dolphins swim in unsafe areas for us to swim, we won't allow them to enter the water. This decision is up to captain.

Enjoy a trip on super-fast boats designed to allow you to swim with wild bottle-nosed dolphins. Shell Island Dolphin Tours has a smaller number of passengers than the larger boats that can hold up to 150 people. With your snorkel gear on, we can get you in the water quickly without causing any splashing or disruptions. This is often what scares the dolphins away. Your knowledgeable captain will guide you in how to interact best with the dolphins. This includes swimming parallel to the dolphins and not swimming towards them or reaching for them. Swim with Dolphins--We'll get you in the water before they arrive. The dolphins will be more likely to swim towards us than away, this way. Explore wildlife, including birds of Prey, pelicans and underwater creatures. Shells and sanddollars can be found at Shell Island. You can snorkel the flats of sand grass and visit St. Andrews Bay as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: It is possible to travel by boat or on a jet ski to Shell Island. The St. Andrews Shuttle from Shell Island costs $24.95 for 13-year-olds, $17.95 per child 2-12 years, and infants 0-1 year old are free. You can also rent a pontoon or jet ski at many locations.

Shell Island is a nature preserve without any restrooms or other visitor facilities, such as trash bins, picnic tables or shade pavilions. There is no trash collection service. Island visitors are expected to take all their trash with them when they leave the Island.

According to officials, tannins are formed when organic matter such as pine needles, leaves and grasses get into water. They then break down over time giving the water a dark tea-colored appearance.