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Shell Island Dolphin Tours offer a 2-hour Split Charter Dolphin & Snorkeling Tour. For those who are looking to combine both experiences, they have two-hour tours. These tours cost $55/person. They are suitable for all ages.

You can either book a private tour for two to six people or a public one. For up to 6 people, we can combine multiple groups on the same boat during public tours. All tours accommodate 6 guests. For larger groups we can accommodate multiple boats.

St. Andrew Bay houses one of most populous populations of bottlenoses. They are the iconic gray dolphins many people associate with television, movies, or marine parks. Although the dolphins in St. Andrew Bay are wild, they are comfortable around humans. It is not uncommon for boaters to see dolphins swimming, feeding and playing on the Bay.

While looking for wildlife and other sea life, we cruise the waters around Shell Island, Grand Lagoon and St. Andrews State Park. Our boat tours allow us to view different types of wildlife each day. Every day, our dolphin tours and snorkeling trips are different depending on the wildlife and conditions in the area. Our routes change daily to ensure you have the best snorkeling and dolphin tour possible. We also offer the most enjoyable boat ride with changing weather conditions, wildlife, and water. Every day, the marine life, snorkeling spots and stops that we make at Shell Island are changing. This is great as you will see new things every time you visit us. If you have any requests for specific items or activities you'd like to see on your boat tour, we encourage you to let the captain know.

What is the rainiest month in Panama City Beach Florida

You can bring almost anything, although we have most of the essentials. To be safe, I recommend that you bring a towel, sunglasses with polarization, and a sweater or jacket. Because of the breeze and open boat, it's always cooler out on the water than on land. Bring snacks and drinks.

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What is the rainiest month in Panama City Beach Florida
Can you see dolphins at Shell Island

Can you see dolphins at Shell Island

Florida law prohibits dolphins being swam with and touched by humans. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission officers will be on the water to make sure that the rules are observed. There are chances that dolphins will approach your boat from close range, offering you great views and great photos. Shell Island Snorkel Tours offer the chance to encounter wild dolphins in water. Sometimes, the dolphins swim close to snorkelers.

We cruise around the waters of Shell Island, Grand Lagoon St. Andrews State Park St. Andrews Bay St. Andrews Bay Panama City Beach and look for any kind of wildlife or sea life. On our boat tours, we get to see many different kinds of wildlife. The conditions and the wildlife in the area affect the dolphin tours and snorkeling tours. Everyday is different. Our boat routes are constantly changing to offer you the best snorkeling or dolphin tour. Shell Island is home to a variety of marine life and snorkeling spots. We make stops at different places every day. This is a great thing because every trip you take with us you see something different. You are encouraged to tell your captain if there are any specific requests that you would like to see and do on your boat tour.

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No trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida is complete without taking the time to explore the area around Shell Island. From seeing the sites of St. Andrews Bay and then snorkeling in the shallows, to seeing a school of wild dolphins in their natural habitat and then finding your own slice of beach paradise, the cruises offered by Adventures at Sea are quite simply the best offered anywhere in Panama City Beach.

Pontoons are easy to drive and can be rented without any prior experience. St. Andrew's Bay's water is smooth so it doesn't matter if you're a novice at boat captaining.

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When should we avoid Panama City Beach

Jet ski tours also have another cool feature: dolphins are curious about jet ski wakes, which is a great bonus.

The majority of what you will need is available on board. However, you can always bring your own items. You should always bring a towel, polarized sunglasses, and a jacket or sweater just in case. The water is cooler than the land, thanks to the breeze from the open boat. You can bring your own snacks and beverages.

Best Shell Island Tours

You have the option to explore Shell Island by getting off the boat. Shell Island is a place where you can explore, find seashells and snorkel. Shell Island is a nature preserve and can only be reached by boat. It measures approximately 7 miles in length. Shell Island is home to a diverse ecosystem that includes some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in Florida. Shell Island is paradise for nature lovers!

These tours focus on in-water interactions. You will be accompanied by knowledgeable guides to the dolphin hot spot, where you can swim with local dolphins.

Shell Island Boat Tour Georgetown Sc

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The law prohibits metal detection in water. The State of Florida says that anything submerged in water is property of the state. You can also detect metal in the water and become State property.

Shell island beach was visited twice. The first time we paid PS7.50 to park on the "island", the second time we drove a bit further along the coast to Llanddwywe and found a public parking lot. It is a beautiful, clean beach.

The White Sand Beach of Dreams Shell Island in Florida is unique because it stretches for almost seven miles and has nothing but pure white sandy sand. It's a totally undeveloped area.