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If the conditions allow, you may be able to swim with and snorkel alongside dolphins. We may be able to swim in the same area as the dolphins. However, you won't be able touch them. These dolphins are wild and can have their own thoughts. Sometimes they can swim within 3 feet of your body, other times they may swim away from you. We don't feed dolphins or harass them. Swimming with dolphins is not guaranteed. We don't believe it ethical to promise'swimming' with dolphins. We are happy to be able to interact with wild dolphins. All of our boat tours follow the Marine Mammal Protection Act guidelines. We will not allow dolphins to swim in areas that are unsafe for us to swim. The captain can decide.

It is important to note that some tour companies and jet ski rental agencies have minimum ages.

These tours leave every two hours so there is plenty of time for you to pick from. Sunset tours are also possible!

How long is the shuttle ride to Shell Island

You will have more time for snorkeling, as the excursion lasts three hours.

Florida law prohibits dolphin swimming and feeding. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission officers are present on the water to ensure these rules are adhered to. If you are lucky enough to encounter dolphins, they may approach your tour boat very close, providing you with a fantastic view and great photo opportunity. Shell Island Snorkel Tours are a great option if you want to see wild dolphins in the sea. The dolphins can sometimes swim right next to snorkelers.

How long is the shuttle ride to Shell Island
Is there food on Shell Island

Is there food on Shell Island

These private tours can be booked for up six people and cost $400. That is less that $70/person. This tour is only 3 hours long, so it's a steal! This tour is open to infants and children, making it a wonderful option for those who want to share some memories with their child.

We are currently not offering dolphin tours. They will soon be available! The chance to see wild bottlenose dolphins in the natural environment is an unforgettable experience that will create memorable Panama City Beach vacation memories. We are happy to invite you to join us for one of our Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours. This will make your Panama City Beach vacation unforgettable.

Shell Island Dolphin Tours 50th Anniversary

The Shell Island Dolphin and Snorkeling Tour, which lasts three hours, is a must-do while visiting Panama City Beach.

Tours depart every 2 hours, giving you plenty of options for time slots. Sunset tours can also be arranged!

Shell Island Dolphin Tours In Georgetown Sc
What is the best time to see dolphins in Panama City Beach
What is the best time to see dolphins in Panama City Beach

Dolphins live in Panama City Beach all year! To fulfill your wild dolphin-seeking dream, we will go an extra mile or ten to get you on your dolphin tour. You will have the best chance to see the dolphins in their natural habitat, as we depart from a marina close to the area.

Private tours for up to 6 persons are $400, or less than $70/person. It's a bargain for a 3-hour tour. It is great for families with children and infants, as it allows you to create memories together.

Shell Island Dolphins

Fun PCB offers a 2-hour Jet Ski Tour for $120 Although these tours are more expensive, they offer a unique experience.

"St. Andrews bay, home to over 2,900 species, is America's most diverse estuary. In the calm waters of St. Andrews Bay, almost any species can be found at any time. It is also one coastal estuary that needs our protection. Mike Brim is the Executive Director of St. Andrews Bay Environmental Science Team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shell Island is not a concession island. The sun, sand and water can make people hungry and thirsty. You can also bring your usual beach equipment, such as towels, sunscreen, and hats. You can bring your own beach chairs, floats and fishing rods. Be sure to leave enough space on the boat for people!

There are a few exceptional national parks and reserves in Panama that make it a great place for snorkeling adventures. One of the most spectacular is Chiriqui Marine National Park. This vast reserve is made up of more than 20 small islands that are surrounded by colourful coral reefs.

Walking about a mile along a beautiful beach, from one end of the island to another side, takes approximately half an hour.